Welcome to The Indoor Vegetable Garden. This is my experiences of learning to grow my own food completely indoors in my tiny, city, studio flat. I use seeds, sun and soil and I am experimenting to see what it possible without access to a traditional garden.



If you’re interested in the things I use and recommend, the following links are products I have personally bought and use often. These are affiliate links however I would never recommend something I did not personally use.

Grow Lamp – I grow all of my plants in sunny spots on walls and windowsills, however on some cloudy days I like to give them a little extra help with this grow lamp which has a clip and a bendy neck, so can be positioned where ever needed.

Compost – This compost is great for indoor gardeners and those who are short on space as it expands when water is added, meaning in its dehydrated form it takes up very little space.