Why would anyone want an indoor vegetable garden?

I really like plants. I have always lived in houses with lots of growing things and everyone in my family has beautiful gardens. When I first moved in on my own, being a postgraduate student, I couldn’t afford a house with a garden – I live in a studio flat with absolutely no outdoor space – not even a communal garden or yard. I really wanted something to make my space feel more lively and so I started off with a few cacti and my plant collection grew from there.

I also really enjoy cooking and eating, and am very environmentally conscious. Therefore, growing my own food, to whatever extent I could, seemed like the perfect combination of all of these interests. I started planting seeds and slowly became more and more ambitious in what I was attempting to grow. These foods are not only fun to grow, but I also know exactly where they have come from, what has happened to them during their lives and best of all, they have almost zero food miles.

When I started attempting to grow my own food indoors, I searched for blogs and websites that could show me what was possible and give me ideas. Unfortunately I found very little, mostly I found people using expensive and energy using grow-light systems or complex hydroponics. I wasn’t interested in either of these growing methods and so I decided to set up my own site, so that hopefully others can not only benefit from my ideas, but also learn from my mistakes.



3 thoughts on “Why would anyone want an indoor vegetable garden?

  1. halfagarden says:

    This is a great idea and I love the low-tech approach. Although I do have a small garden here in London, I have started to grow things (or at least start them off) on windowsills indoors, so will follow you for inspiration.


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