What am I growing?

As my garden is very new, I am still in the planting and seedling stage for many things. Therefore many of the photographs you will see will just be of seeds or teeny tiny plants that are hard to recognise at first (in fact, you might notice many of the pots have the name of the plant written on them, so I don’t get confused…).

I have decided to put together this month-by-month list of all my planting, so you can see what I am attempting to grow.

Planted in January: Alpine Strawberries, Sage.

Planted in February: Lavender, Lambs Lettuce, Cress, Pea Shoots, Kale, Chickpea Shoots, Onion scraps, garlic bulbs, Carrot tops, black beans, Parsnip Tops.

To be planted in March: Pak Choi, Basil, Tomato, Cos Lettuce, Spinach.

To be planted in April: Mixed Leaf Salad, Carrot

I’m sure more will be added to this list as I find more growing spaces…I’m thinking the bathroom windowsill next? Although that doesn’t get much light…
Potential future plantings include beetroot, radish and peas. Although I shouldn’t get too ambitious in my first year. 16123837_1206677666036904_5755356764774072320_n



2 thoughts on “What am I growing?

  1. Christina says:

    The easiest food to grow is salad leaves. Much tastier (and without all the nasty additions) than those bought in a supermarket. They don’t need much light so will grow on a windowsill; I grow mine in seedtrays in my greenhouse but it would work just as well indoors. good luck.


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