I have a garden problem – Indoor Mould

A handful of my pots have developed a small problem with mould on the surface of the soil. Luckily it is only a minority but those affected have been quarantined on the kitchen windowsill, safely away from the unaffected in the living room. Hopefully this will stop the spread of the mould and prevent any further problems.

I think I know what has caused this problem and that is over-watering and a lack of bright sunlight. I recently changed the compost I was using and they new variety is much better at holding water. However I did not adapt to this and kept on with my previous daily watering schedule, whereas the new compost only needs every other day watering. This is an easy mistake to fix however and hopefully I will not have caused any long term damage. The lack of sunlight I unfortunately have much less control over, and with in being early February sunlight is in short supply. Hopefully this will become less of an issue as the days get longer and warmer. One of the best secondary advantages of my indoor garden so far is that I seem to notice the changes in seasons much more than before. Living in a flat in a large city can sometimes cause a disconnect from the natural world, and my indoor garden has so far been a great remedy for that!



2 thoughts on “I have a garden problem – Indoor Mould

    • theindoorvegetablegarden says:

      Me too! I think I’ve stopped it spreading – the affected plants have all now been re-potted and the offending compost is in the outdoor bin. I’ve read that cinnamon can help stop it from reoccurring but I have no idea if that works or not…


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