Pea Shoots – The easiest thing you will ever grow…

Pea shoots are delicious, good for you, and if you buy them in the supermarket very expensive. In fact Sainsbury’s is currently selling them for £1 for a 50g bag. The good news, however, is that they are one of the easiest things to grow at home indoors and can also be grown all year around for a very low cost – regular dried peas work just as well as ‘pea shoot’ seeds from the garden centre and are much more economical.

What are shoots?

Shoots are a kind of edible garden mid-point. They fall right between sprouting and growing a full plant, and are therefore a fun and versatile project that also works well with children (or adults with short attention spans, like myself). To grow a crop of pea (or other) shoots, simply plant the pea seeds in a pot, cover with a layer of soil and water. After a few days the peas will start to sprout and once they have a number of leaves and are about 7-10 cm tall, cut them back and enjoy in a yummy salad. This process can be repeated around 3 times before you need to plant new peas.

If you decide you want a full on, pea producing plant, just re-pot one of the shoots before you first cut it back and continue to let it grow!

From seed to edible shoots take about 3 weeks, making these a fun and fast growing crop.

What other shoots can I grow?

Shoots are small, and therefore perfect for indoor gardening – I am currently also growing Kale shoots and Chickpea shoots, although i’m sure this technique would work for growing many other plants.

If you’re interested in growing pea shoots and are based in the UK, you can buy seeds from me directly here !


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