A small disaster and a big re-focus

Earlier this week I mentioned I had a problem with mould growing on my soil. I thought I had combatted the issue by removing the affected plants, increasing air circulation and not over watering. However, the mould later spread to over half of my remaining plants, and I felt that I had no choice but to get rid of the lot and allow my flat to air out for a few days. This is really sad for me and something I really didn’t want to have to do, but sometimes you have to make a hard choice to benefit in the long run. We are still only in February which means I have plenty of time to re grow without any detrimental effects to my harvests later in the year. Better to have to start over now than in April or May.

Always trying to find the good in a rubbish situation, I have decided to take this time to re-focus my gardening efforts. When I started in January my aim was pretty much ‘grow things’…However as I have learnt more I have wanted a more focused plan. In the long term when I have a house with a garden I would like as much of my food as possible, but that just isn’t realistic right now. I’m also not necessarily growing to look pretty – partly because I personally think almost all plants look pretty aesthetic, but also because I still do want something to eat out of all this effort. I like food. Therefore I have decided to combine my love of gardening, history and all things weird to grow unusual and historic/heirloom varieties! I’ve ordered a few seeds that fit this description and they will hopefully arrive very soon! I’m looking forward to a more focused and intentional approach to my garden planning. Also I get to grow weird looking things that I can then give to people as gifts…

Also if none of this post makes sense it’s because I have a cold and have spent all day applying for jobs. My brain has turned kind of mushy…also if anyone works in a museum and wants to give me a job, that would be totally fine, I have a relevant masters and a few years experience 😉





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