Yay for fast growers!

In my last post I talked out how my mould issue in my soil had gotten so bad that I had ended up having to bin all my plants, which was super sad! Not only did it mean that I had none of the tasty food I was expecting, but also my flat looked so dull without all the greenery. I happy to say though that after just over a week I already have shoots of several different edible plants visible and growing rapidly. These quick growers have brought life back to my flat and mean that I won’t be without home grown additions to my meals for long!

The most successful fast growers so far have been kale, spinach, pea shoots and cress. These are all fun little plants that can be sown pretty much all year round on a sunny windowsill. I’m looking forward to all the delicious salads I will be able to make from them in just a few weeks time, and the tortoise is no doubt looking forward to having some freshly picked greens added to her diet too!

Only a few more weeks until march now, and the start of the real planting season! My seed box is overflowing with little packets just waiting to be opened. I’m currently most looking forward to planting tomatoes, rainbow carrots and for something a bit different; a stevia plant to make my own sweetener!

What are your favourite fast growing edibles? Let me know in the comments and give me some inspiration for what to plant next!


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