It wasn’t me, it was the seeds, I promise!

One of the very first things I planted back in January was Lambs Lettuce. I’m not a massive fan but my tortoise loves it and it seemed like it shouldn’t be all that difficult to grow. So I planted it an waited. Nothing happened. I assumed it was due to my planting in January not in February as the packet had suggested. So at the start of February I planted the remaining seeds using every method I could think of. Some went straight into soil, some got soaked first, some were in a propagator. Still nothing happened. I was starting to doubt my own gardening skills, there was no way in an entire packet of seeds not a single one could germinate.

After my failure with the first packet, I had pretty much given up on Lambs Lettuce, the Kale was growing and the tortoise likes that too. As a result I barely put any thought into sowing my second packet of seeds, I just sprinkled them onto some soil and left them, watering occasionally. However less that a week later my tray is full of tiny Lambs Lettuce seedlings.

So it was the seeds that were rubbish all along, not my gardening skills!


2 thoughts on “It wasn’t me, it was the seeds, I promise!

  1. Robbie says:

    I have had many failures over the years, too many to mention-LOL…but I always learn and get back to trying again. I feel failure is the best teacher:-) Good to hear you had success later:-)

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