A Change of Name.


You may all have noticed that I have changed my name. You may also noticed that I have not posted in a while. These two are related, as I was finding under the old name that I was limited to a very narrow number of topics which I honestly felt I exhausted pretty quickly. Under the new name ‘Growing, Cooking, Reading’ I feel like this can become a place for me to share much more of what interests me.

I hope to include

  • Gardening and planting topics – the old name was extra irrelevant since I am about to move to a house with a garden.
  • Recipes and food stories – I like to thing I’m a pretty good cook and I would like to be able to post recipes or just general food posts, a little like the one on fermented foods I did a while ago.
  • Books and book reviews –  If I read something really good, I will let you know about it.
  • Other topics – anything from a simple knitting pattern or a sewing idea to posts on reusable items and environmental topics.


I hope that not only will this make my writing more fun for me, it will also become much more fun to read, as it is not just recycling the same topics over and over again (as much as recycling is great!)




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