Pomegranate and Kiwi Pavlova Recipe

I love pavlova – it’s such a lovely, tasty and reasonably light desert. The pomegranate and kiwi in this recipe gives it a more up to date feel than the standard raspberry or strawberry and their tartness cuts across the sweetness of the meringue to create a perfectly balanced taste. Another important consideration is not to over sweeten the cream – a little sugar is nice but too much with the sugary meringue is just too much.

For the best results make the meringue the evening before or early in the morning. This gives it time to dry out and become crisp. Whip the cream and assemble shortly before serving.


3 egg whites
150g caster sugar

300 ml double cream
1tbs icing sugar

1 pomegranate
4 kiwi



Beat the egg whites until they have turned opaque (no longer see through) and hold their shape for a second or two after removing the whisk
Slowly add the caster sugar, one tablespoon at a time until the sugar is gone and the mixture forms peaks which do now easily loose their shape (known as ‘stiff peaks’). The mixture should also have a glossy appearance. If you can tolerate raw egg taste a tiny, tiny amount – it should NEVER have a gritty texture – it should be smooth.

On a baking sheet lined with grease proof paper or baking parchment create a disk shape with 1/2 the mixture. Use the other 1/2 to create a thick ‘wall’ of meringue around the outside of the disk.

Heat the oven to 140c/275f/Gas Mark 1 and put the meringue tray into the oven. Cook in the oven for 45 mins until they appear very slightly golden. Do not open the oven, simply turn off the heat and leave the meringue in the oven for a few hours. This will ensure a crispy texture.

Whip all of the cream and peel and slice the kiwis. Remove the seeds from the pomegranate.

Just before serving pile the whipped cream into the hollow in the centre of the meringue and arrange the fruit on top in any design you wish.


I hope you enjoy making and eating this recipe! Let me know if it is successful in the comments below!


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