On the pages of this site, you will find a whole range of different stories of my indoor garden, both successes and failures as well as ideas and experiments. As my garden starts to produce edibles, I will also start to include recipes and ideas on how to eat and store your home grown produce.

I hope to show that you can garden and grow your own food where ever you are – you don’t need a huge garden or and fancy and expensive grow lights and hydroponic systems, just soil, sunlight and seeds. It’s never going to be possible to live off food solely grown on your windowsill, but it is possible to make a significant contribution to your diet.

Much of what I choose to grow is herbs, salad green and microgreens. These all grow really well indoors. However I am also experimenting with tomatoes, strawberries, carrots and beans.

Growing your own food is not only fun, but great for you and amazing for the environment. Just think of all the food miles being saved by growing just some of your own food!

I hope you enjoy,

E x